Ministop "Genghis Khan Bento (Pepper Rice)"
Feel like eating out at home!

At each Ministop store, a new series "House de Bistro" that allows you to enjoy eating out at home will be on sale for three consecutive weeks from November 3rd.

The first product to be released on November 3rd is "Genghis Khan Bento (Pepper Rice)". Genghis Khan bento using lamb meat, which is also a trend, will appear for the first time at MINISTOP. A dish where you can enjoy softly baked lamb meat with plenty of vegetables while suppressing the odor. Rice is pepper rice that goes well with lamb meat. The price is 550 yen (tax included, same below).

Ministop "Genghis Khan Bento (Pepper Rice)"
Genghis Khan Bento (Pepper Rice)

The second release on November 10th is "Beef Stew & Rice". It is a beef stew that uses "beef tenderloin", which is a raw material that is often used in hotels and restaurants and is expensive and difficult to use at convenience stores. Beef stew richly finished with two types of demiglace sauce, topped with tender beef tenderloin. It is a dish to taste with butter-style rice that goes well with beef stew. The price is 550 yen.

Ministop "Beef tenderloin beef stew & rice"
Beef tenderloin beef stew & rice

The third product, "Pork Loin Ginger Grilled Bento," will be released on November 17th. Pork ginger is a standard menu item at Western restaurants. Sliced to a moderate thickness, the pork loin that has been prepared to be soft and easy to eat is baked, and the ginger flavor is outstanding, and it is finished with a sauce with a sense of ingredients. The secret miso is an accent for autumn and winter. The price is 496 yen.

Ministop "pork loin ginger-grilled lunch box"
Pork loin ginger-grilled lunch