Koikeya "KOIKEYA STRONG Potato Chips Scorched Chili Oil Mentai"

From the "KOIKEYA STRONG" brand, which continues to perform well as a rich potato chip with a rich taste and chewyness of Koikeya, "KOIKEYA STRONG potato chips charred ra oil mentai" with the rich flavor of fragrant ra oil and the rich taste of mentaiko is behind. It will be released at the convenience store on October 5th. From October 19th at supermarkets. The price is open.

In March 2020, the "KOIKEYA STRONG" brand was renewed with a richer and more satisfying taste, and further evolved into a STRONG with outstanding richness and depth. We aim to create a taste that is not only rich, but also has a cooking feel that makes it feel like cooking. In addition, the thick-sliced V-cut shape realizes a crisp and dynamic chewy texture.

"KOIKEYA STRONG Potato Chips Scorched Chili Oil Mentai" is a potato chip that has a shocking richness with the richness of fragrant chili oil and the rich flavor of mentaiko with multiple layers. The package design expresses the richness of the large spicy cod roe sprinkled with a lot of chili oil to give it a chewy and profound feeling.