KOIKEYA "Supachirumucho Marine Lime

KOIKEYA's "Supa Mucho" brand of sour potato chips will release "Supa Chirumucho Marine Lime," a new muncho with a new sweet-sour experience that will make you "chill. The product weighs 52 grams and is available at an open price.

Sppa Chirumucho Marine Lime

The "Suppa Chirumucho" brand is expanding its product lineup to suit various "mood-enhancing" occasions, especially for women, and "Suppa Chirumucho Marine Lime" focuses on the "chill" trend, which has spread among young people in recent years. The theme of "chill" is healing with a sense of immersion, and young women tend to seek sweet and sour tastes, so we blended the refreshing taste of lime with the calming and relaxing aroma of lemongrass and hops to create a new taste sensation. The package design also embodies the immersive "chill" image, expressing a refreshing yet deep "healing" feeling.

The "Sppa Chirumucho Marine Lime" offers a new taste sensation. Pick one up when you see it.