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ato Chips Consommé W Punch

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Calbee will release a new product, Potato Chips Consommé W Punch Butter Flavor. The product will be sold at convenience stores for a limited time, and is scheduled to be discontinued in late February 2023. The product has a content of 66g (2.33oz) and an estimated price of around 175 yen (tax included). The product will go on sale on January 16.

Potato Chips Consommé Punch" was introduced in 1978 as the third Calbee potato chip flavor, following "Light Shio Flavor" and "Norishio. It is characterized by a sharp aftertaste created by a unique powder made from a broth of slowly simmered meat and vegetables and a secret spice that has never been released outside of Japan.

In pursuit of the potential of this long-selling product, Calbee has developed various products based on "Consommé Punch," including "Consommé W Punch," a standard convenience store product with double the consommé flavor, and "Consommé UMAMI Punch," with enhanced beef flavor. The company has developed various products based on "Consomme Punch" to date.

Potato Chips Consomme W Punch



In May 2021, "Consomme Punch Butter Flavor" was released, adding the flavor of butter to "Consomme Punch". Therefore, in pursuit of a richer, richer flavor, the company developed a product based on "Consommé W Punch" this time. Potato Chips Consommé W Punch Butter Flavor" was developed to balance the enhanced consommé flavor with a buttery taste.

The "Consommé W Punch" flavor is double the flavor of the "Consommé Punch," which is packed with the delicious taste of meat and the sweetness of vegetables, plus the mellow richness of butter. These potato chips, available only at Convenience Stores, offer a rich, full-bodied and profound flavor.