Famima Juiceless Curry Udon

Soupless curry udon "Soupless Curry Udon" was released on September 29th at each FamilyMart store. Available at approximately 16,600 FamilyMart stores nationwide.

Soupless curry udon

"Shirunashi Udon", which has been gaining popularity in recent years, has become a curry udon and first appeared at FamilyMart. The curry, which is the decisive factor for the taste, uses 5 kinds of soup stock and 16 kinds of spices. In addition, garlic and ginger are added to create a addictive taste once eaten.

In addition, the smooth and elastic udon is 300g, which is a perfect score. Vivid toppings such as stir-fried meat, onions, green onions, chopped seaweed, and egg yolk sauce are also appetizing. He wants you to mix well and eat the ingredients and noodles tightly entwined.

Product Details

Product name: Soupless curry udon Price: 462 yen (498 yen including tax)

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