Matsuya "Stewed Chicken Curry

Matsuya Thoughtful Stewed Chicken C

urry Matsuya will sell "Thoughtful Stewed Chicken Curry" from 10:00 a.m. on July 18, limited to 800,000 servings.

The founder of Matsuya said, "I want you to make a curry with chicken and a sense of gorokoro. The "Korokoro Stewed Chicken Curry" was developed as a result of the founder's comment, "I want you to make a curry with chicken in it that has a gurgling sensation. This popular curry, known as "Gorochiki," has been called a monster menu item in the history of Matsuya Curry, and is now back in a limited edition of 800,000 servings.


Stewed Chicken Curry

is a popular dish that has many fans because it contains juicy chicken meat cooked on an iron plate in an original curry sauce with a hint of spice. A combination menu with the long-selling Beef Yakiniku Set Meal and Karubi Yakiniku Set Meal will also be available.

Thoughtful Stewed Chicken Curry 680yen
Thoughtful Stewed Chicken Curry with Beef Yakiniku Set Meal 1,080yen
Thoughtful Stewed Chicken Curry with Kalbi Yakiniku Set Meal 1,080yen

Matsuya "Stewed Chicken Curry

Take-out available. Miso soup is not included. It can be purchased separately for 60 yen. The "Moritate Set Meal" does not come with fukujinzuke (pickles). If you wish to have it, please ask the staff.

All prices include tax.