Seven-Eleven "Double Rare Cheesecake"

At each Seven-Eleven store, we have compiled a list of new arrival sweets that will be released sequentially from September 29th! There are 5 items in the lineup that attract attention, such as "Double Rare Cheesecake".

・ Melting kuchidoke almond tofu 151 yen (tax included, same below)

Seven-Eleven "Melting Kuchidoke Annin Tofu"

Annin tofu with a smooth and melty texture. It is finished in a rich taste that you can enjoy the refreshing sweetness, the refreshing flavor of apricot kernel, and the richness of fresh cream. Released after October 1st.

・ Double rare cheesecake 300 yen

Seven-Eleven "Double Rare Cheesecake"

A cupped cheesecake made by layering rich rare cheese mousse and fluffy rare cheese mousse and serving cookies. You can enjoy the texture of two layers of cheesecake and cookies. Released after September 30th.

・ 7 Premium Moist Baumkuchen 181 yen

Seven-Eleven "7 Premium Moist Baumkuchen"

Baumkuchen that is chilled and delicious, using eggs (egroyale) that are characterized by their richness and flavor. You can enjoy the moist texture of Baum and the crispness of sugar coating in a well-balanced manner. Released after October 1st.

・ Pumpkin 192 yen

Seven-Eleven "Pumpkin Dora"

A flavorful pumpkin cream bean paste sandwiched between dorayaki dough. Released after September 29th.

・ Chilled kudzu manju 140 yen

Seven-Eleven "Chilled Kuzumanju"

Kuzumanju is made from Hokkaido azuki beans and wrapped in a transparent dough. Released after September 30th.

In addition, " Haagen-Dazs Hanamochi Chestnut An" and " Haagen-Dazs Hanamochi Ginsen Kinako Black Mitsu " (318 yen each) will be on sale from September 29th. Check out the Japanese ice cream that you can enjoy in the deep autumn.