Shateraise "Good Marriage Day Sweet Berry Cup".

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Cakes and Ice Creams Here is a summary of new cakes and ice creams to be sold by Chateraise. The three items are "Good Marriage Day Sweet Berry Cup," "Soft Roll with Roasted Chestnut Mont Blanc," and "Dessert Monaka: Double Fromage with Raspberry.

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Good Marriage Day

Sweet Berry Cup

This dessert offers the true taste of the ingredients: egg-flavored sponge, rich whipped cream, whipped cream with custard featuring the gentle sweetness of eggs, and accented with sweet and sour strawberry sauce and powdered strawberries. This cup dessert is decorated with raspberries, blueberries, and chocolate, and features a heart motif. It is a cute-looking dish that is perfect for Good Couple's Day. The price is 399 yen (tax included, same as below). The product will be on sale from November 16 to November 23.

Shateraise "Good Marriage Day Sweet Berry Cup".

Soft Rolls with Grilled Chestnut Mont Blanc

This is a grilled chestnut-flavored roll cake with a savory sponge flavor. This seasonal roll cake is made with roasted barley flour sponge with a savory aroma and flavor, chestnut-flavored white bean paste, and whipped cream with chestnut custard. Diced yellow chestnuts are placed in the cream to give the cake a textured texture. The price is 151 yen.

Chateraise "Soft Rolls with Roasted Chestnut Mont Blanc

DESSERT Monaka: Double Fromage with Raspberries

Monaka ice cream is made in the image of a double fromage cake with two types of cheesecake. The multi-layered design gives this luxurious Monaka ice cream an unprecedented texture and taste for adults. White chocolate with freeze-dried raspberries is layered with baked cheesecake-style ice cream and rare cheese-style ice cream with milk crunch, topped with sweet and sour raspberry sauce and sandwiched between pale yellow monaka. Priced at 151 yen per piece (not available by mail order), 4 pieces for 561 yen.

Chateraise "DESSERT Monaka: Double Fromage with Raspberries