Recipe "banana pancake"

You can do it with a small amount of ingredients ♪ Here are 3 recommended sweets recipes using bananas. "Banana pudding" and "banana pancake" etc.

・ Banana rice cake
With one banana, potato starch and sugar! A recipe for "banana mochi " that you just mix and bake.

Recipe "Banana Mochi"

The part where the potato starch and banana are mixed has a firm and elastic texture, and the banana left after coarse loosening has a mellow and juicy taste. It has a unique chewy and mellow texture that is different from pancakes and mochi. If the sweetness isn't enough, it's delicious topping with chocolate sauce, maple syrup, jam, etc.

Banana make only purine
banana and tofu healthy " banana pudding recipe".

Recipe "banana pudding"

The hardness changes depending on the degree of draining. If you drain it well, you can eat it like a "hardened pudding". When drained lightly, it has a thick texture. Since no sugar is used, the sweetness and flavor of each ingredient stands out. If the sweetness is not enough as it is, season it with maple syrup or honey as you like.

Banana pancakes make only
banana-and-egg " banana pancake recipe."

Recipe "banana pancake"

A juicy mouthfeel with a slightly stronger egg feeling while having a fluffy feeling even though it does not contain powder. Is it a thick crepe or an omlet style? The mellow sweetness of the banana comes out firmly without adding anything such as syrup or cream, so this alone is delicious. It may seem strange to imagine a hot cake mix or a fluffy pancake using flour, but the moist and plump pancakes without flour are also delicious with the taste that seems to come out in foreign cafes!