Honey mint marinated cucumber

We introduce a collection of recipes using cucumbers. There are five recipes: "Marinated cucumber with honey mint," "Cucumber and banana with yogurt," "Onion and bonito with spicy sauce," "Cucumber with wasabi," and "Shirasu cucumber salad.

Marinated cucumber with honey and mint

This recipe for "Cucumber with Honey and Mint Marinade" combines cucumber, honey, and mint. The sweetness of the honey and the freshness of the mint and vinegar make for an addictive flavor.

Honey mint marinated cucumber

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Cucumber and Banana with Yogurt

Recipe for "Cucumber and Banana with Yogurt". The combination of crunchy cucumber and mild banana is fresh. Raisins are used to add an accent.

Cucumber and banana with yogurt

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Onion and bonito with spicy sauce

Recipe for "Onion and bonito with spicy sauce". The crunchy texture of onion and cucumber and the spicy seasoning make this dish addictive.

Onion and bonito with spicy sauce

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Cucumber with Wasabi

This recipe for pickled cucumber with wasabi has a refreshing, slightly wasabi flavor. It is also recommended as a topping for Somen noodles and chilled Chinese noodles. The crunchy texture makes it a light and refreshing summer dish.

pickled cucumber with wasabi

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Shirasu Cucumber Salad

A simple recipe for "Shirasu Cucumber Salad" combining shirasu, cucumber and sesame seeds. The flavor of the shirasu and the aroma of the sesame seeds are a perfect match! As you enjoy the crunchy texture of the cucumber, the freshness, flavor, and deliciousness of the cucumber deepens. A dash of lemon juice adds a refreshing, summery flavor. It is a simple dish, but one that allows you to enjoy the wonders of the combination.

Simple recipe for "Shirasu Cucumber Salad

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