Recipe "Frozen Berry & Banana Smoothie"

Super easy! Here are three smoothie recipes that the Engeboku editorial staff actually tried making and enjoyed. The three recipes are "Frozen Berry and Banana Smoothie," "Mandarin Oranges and Banana Smoothie," and "Banana and Komatsuna Smoothie. Click on each recipe link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Frozen Berry and Banana Smoothie

As a snack! Here is an easy-to-make smoothie recipe, " Frozen Berry and Banana Smoothie. The addition of berries gives this smoothie a gorgeous color. This dessert smoothie combines the thickening of yogurt, the mild sweetness of bananas, and the sweet and sour taste of berries. It can be made in just the right amount, so it's perfect for busy mornings.

Recipe "Frozen Berry & Banana Smoothie"

Mandarin orange and banana smoothie

Mellow banana accents! Here is a smoothie recipe for "Mikan and Banana Smoothie". The refreshing sweetness of the mandarin oranges is matched by the mildness of the bananas! Mix the bananas just enough so that the texture of the banana remains, and it's delicious and satisfying!

Smoothie recipe for "Tangerine and Banana Smoothie

Banana and Komatsuna Smoothie

Nutritional charge for busy mornings! Here is a very simple recipe for a banana and komatsuna smoothie. The sweetness of the banana, the mildness of milk, and the flavor of komatsuna are combined to create a delicious and consistent taste! If you use well-ripened bananas, it will be sweet enough without adding honey or sugar.

Recipe for Banana and Komatsuna Smoothie