Start of delivery service at Bikkuri Donkey "Demae-can"

At the delivery service "Demae-can", we will start the delivery service of "Bikkuri Donkey" by sharing delivery at 9 stores in Hokkaido from May 26th. We plan to gradually expand the number of stores that support it.

"Bikkuri Donkey" is a popular hamburger restaurant chain store where you can enjoy authentic hamburger steak. We serve hamburger steaks full of originality using carefully selected ingredients with strict safety standards.

The menu handled at the "Demae-can" is the popular signboard menu "Regular Hamburg" regardless of age or gender. By making it possible to place an order at the "Demae-can", you will be able to enjoy it at various places such as your home or office.

The menus that can be delivered are as follows (all prices include tax).

・ Regular hamburger (150g (5.29oz)) with rice 1,000 yen ・ Regular hamburger (200g (7.05oz)) with rice 1,200 yen ・ Regular hamburger (300g (10.58oz)) with rice 1,400 yen

A nice chance to enjoy the taste of "Bikkuri Donkey" at home. I'm looking forward to starting handling at stores near you ♪