Delivery service of "Demae-can" starts from "Kura Sushi"

The delivery service for "Musume Kura Sushi" through the "Demae-can" will start on May 25th. It will start at 20 stores nationwide, and plans to gradually expand the number of stores that support it.

Kura Sushi has launched a conveyor belt sushi chain store where you can enjoy fresh ingredients procured from all over the country from 100 yen per plate with the concept of security, deliciousness, and cheapness, but this time we will introduce the first delivery service.

An initiative that responds to the demands of Kura Sushi customers who want to eat high-quality and affordable sushi while staying at home. The delivery menu includes a set menu with popular sushi and a popular side menu.

The main contents and selling price are 1,580 yen (tax included, same below) for "Premium set" (9 pieces per person), 2,480 yen for "Family hand-wound set", 3,240 yen for "Large service set" (50 pieces), "Ebiten Udon" is 420 yen and so on.

Delivery service of "Demae-can" starts from "Kura Sushi"

The delivery service is provided using the "sharing delivery" function of the Demae-can. When an order is placed in Demae-can, the store and the delivery base in Demae-can will be contacted, the store will finish the menu by the designated time, and the delivery staff will deliver the delivery menu by motorcycle or electric bicycle.