Kurazushi Dai Toro and Kyushu Fair

Kurazushi Dai Tororo to Kyushu Fair

The "Dai Tororo to Kyushu Fair" will be held at Kurazushi for a limited time starting on December 2 (Fri.). A variety of dishes that melt in your mouth and luxurious Kyushu ingredients will be on the menu.

Ootoro and Kyushu Fair


Goku-mi Aged Ootoro (one portion)

The highest quality part of the tuna, Ootoro, which accounts for only about 5% of the whole tuna, is used. The flavor is brought out to the maximum by applying Kurazushi's unique maturing technique.

Kurazushi "Gokumi Aged Large Tuna (Consistency)

The price is 345 yen. On sale from December 2 to 15.

Gokumi Aged Aburi O-toro (Consistency)

Price: 345 yen. Available from December 2 to 15. No take-out.

Kurazushi "Gokumi Matured Aburi Ootoro (Consistency)


Large Torosaba

(mackerel): Large mackerel weighing 600g (21.16oz) or more are selected. This size mackerel is rare and expensive, but at Kura Sushi, you can compare the sashimi mackerel and grilled mackerel at a reasonable price.

Kurazushi "Large Toro Saba Assortment

The price is 250 yen. Available from December 2 to 11.

Large-sized melt-in-your-mouth top conger eel tempura (consistent)

. The tempura is deep-fried in the restaurant upon order, so you can enjoy the crispy, yet fluffy texture of the finely textured meat that melts in your mouth.

Kurazushi "Ookori-Torokeru Kami-Anago-ten" (one portion)

The price is 165 yen. Available from December 2 to 15. No take-out available.


" is a hybrid fish that combines the fast growth of tamakai and the high quality fat and flavor of kuei. Because it grows quickly, it takes only a short period of time before it is ready for shipment, making it available at a reasonable price.

Kurazushi "[Kagoshima] Sakura Kue (Consistency)".

The price is 250 yen. The sales period is from December 2 to 11.

Katsuo Tataki (Bonito Tataki) Satsuma Ponzu Vinegar

The bonito is landed in Kagoshima Prefecture, and Satsuma Ponzu Vinegar made from Kagoshima brown sugar, yuzu, black vinegar, and other ingredients is used. This sweet ponzu vinegar is seasoned in southern Kyushu with a good balance of sweetness and sourness. The aroma of the bonito flounder skin and the fresh aroma of yuzu (yuzu citrus) whet your appetite.

Kurazushi "[Kagoshima] Bonito Tataki Satsuma Ponzu

Price: 115 yen. On sale from December 2 to 15.


squid shumai The soft and plump texture of the squid shumai is produced at Yobuko Manbo, the birthplace of squid shumai, located in Yobuko Town, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, known as the town of squid. The ikasyu-mai is deep-fried to order so that the outside is crispy and the inside is soft and fluffy.

Kurazushi "Deep-fried squid shumai

The price is 250 yen. Available from December 2 to 11. No take-out available.

Miyazaki Prefecture】Kama-age Shirasu Gunkan (Gunkan of Fried Shirasu)

Price: 115 yen. Available from December 2 to 15.

Kurazushi "[Miyazaki Prefecture] Kama-age shirasu gunkan" (dried young sardines)

The "


" brand horse mackerel caught in the waters of Gotō and Tsushima is carefully selected and weighs more than 100 grams per fish. The meat is tight and full of fat, and the horse mackerel is chopped and served in a gunkan with the flavor of nori (seaweed).

Kurazushi "[Nagasaki Prefecture] Seasonal Aji Tataki Gunkan

The price is 115 yen. The product will be on sale from December 2.

Nagasaki Prefecture] Extra Large Fried Se

asonal Horse Mackerel One piece of seasonal horse mackerel weighs more than 100 grams. You can enjoy the fatty taste of the horse mackerel and the crispy and fluffy texture of the fish.

Kurazushi "[Nagasaki Prefecture] Extra Large Seasonal Fried Horse Mackerel".

The price is 380 yen. Available from December 2 to 15.

Prices may differ at some stores.
Sales will end when the planned quantity is reached.