Kurazushi "Oyama Ridai Eel" (Japanese eel)

Kura Sushi

Kura Sushi will sell sushi using "Okayama Ridai Unagi" eel cultivated in suitable environment water. The product will go on sale on May 2. The price is 500 yen per piece (price varies at some stores). The sale will end when the planned 12,000 servings are gone.


Environment Water Optimal Environment Water is a breeding water that can be used to keep saltwater and freshwater fish in the same tank. In the case of eels, it is known that they grow 1.2 times faster than in freshwater and 2.5 times faster than in seawater. Eels grown in water with a favorable environment have a higher fat content and a lower odor than those grown in natural water. The skin is also softer and easier to eat.


Okayama Ridai Un

agi Kura Sushi, we use a special soy sauce-based sauce that goes well with this eel, and carefully grill it using a unique method.