Kurazushi "Crab" Fair

Kurazushi "Crab" Fair Limited Time Offer Menu and Take

-out Information Kurazushi will hold a "Crab" Fair starting November 2. Check out the limited time offer menu and to-go information! Sales will end when the planned quantity is reached.

The "


Kinds of Crab


menu uses the king of crabs, the snow crab, and allows you to compare three different kinds of crab meat: the claws, the stick meat, and the crab meat, of which only two are harvested from a single crab. You can enjoy the sweetness and rich flavor unique to snow crab at a reasonable price. The price is 345 yen. Available from November 2 to 11. No take-out available.

Kurazushi "Three Kinds of Snow Crab

King's Seafood Salad Gunkan

Kurarazushi's original seafood salad is made with five different ingredients (squid, crab cakes, black millet clams, scallops, and herring roe). The mayonnaise base is seasoned to match the rice by using Kura Sushi's special vinegar (sushi vinegar) and other ingredients. The "king" in the product name comes from the fancy appearance and special feeling of the lavish topping of red snow flakes and golden tobiko. The price is 250 yen. On sale from November 2 to 11.

Kurazushi "King Seafood Salad Gunkan


Crab Platter "Gorgeous Crab Platter" is sold as part of the "Goku no Gems" series, which allows customers to enjoy a variety of luxurious products on a single plate. The "Crab with Crab Meat and Miso" is a dish of red snow crab with crab brain and flakes of snow crab meat. The crab meat and miso are mixed together to create a rich flavor.

Kurazushi "Gorgeous Crab Platter

The "crab claw" is packed with meat, the "crab stick" has a rich sweet taste, the "raw snow crab stick" is made from a whole leg, and the "snow crab meat with salmon roe" topped with salmon roe can also be enjoyed. The price is 1,280 yen. Available from November 2 until it is gone. No take-out available.

Snow Crab Gunkan (

two kinds of Gunkan)

Set of "Snow Crab Gunkan" and "Raw Snow Crab Gunkan". The price is 250 yen. On sale from November 2 to 11.

Kura Sushi "Hon Snow Crab Two Kinds Gunkan

Two kinds of snow crab:

"Snow crab stick" and "Snow crab under the claw" set. Price: 250 yen. On sale from November 2 until they are gone.

Kurazushi "Maru-Zuwaigani-Two Kinds of Crab


cream croquettes

priced at 115 yen. Available from November 2 to 17.

Kurazushi "Crab Cream Croquette


Ankake Udon

priced at 450 yen. Available from November 2 to January 5. No take-out.

Kurazushi "Crab Ankake Udon

Sakura Smoked Buri

: Natural yellowtail smoked with cherry blossom chips to concentrate the flavor. You can enjoy the smoked aroma that spreads in your mouth. Price: 115 yen. Available from November 2.

Kurazushi "Sakura Smoked Buri

Wasabi Kurage Gunkan

: Jellyfish, white kikurage, and wasabi stems mixed with a special sauce. You can enjoy the spiciness and crunchy texture of the jellyfish. The price is 115 yen. On sale from November 2.

Kurazushi "Wasabi Kurage Gunkan

Prices may differ at some stores.