Hotto Motto "Nori Bento"

The popular take-out lunch box "Hotto Motto" will be upgraded and will be released on June 1st.

The "Nori Bento Series" is a signature product of "Hotto Motto", which sells about 48 million meals a year and has been supported by many fans for many years. This time, in order to improve the quality and value of the product without changing the contents significantly, we increased the amount of fried white fish with crispy batter and fluffy meat by 20%. There are two sauces to match with the bento: "Premium Sauce", which is a blend of 15 kinds of spices and red wine, making the best use of the sweetness of vegetables and fruits, and "Dashi Soy Sauce", which is made from kelp, bonito, and mackerel. You can choose from the types.

The product lineup is as follows. The price includes tax.

・ Nori-bento
Spread bonito flakes under the seaweed and top with chikuwa tempura and large fried white fish. We are particular about sliced takuan and kinpira. The price is 330 yen.

Hotto Motto "Nori Bento"

・ Special Nori Tartar Bento
A gorgeous version with tartar sauce. A nice tokodori nori bento with classic fried chicken, fried white fish, and minced meat cutlet. The price is 420 yen.

Hotto Motto "Special Nori Tal Bento"

・ Cheese okakanori bento
Rice is sprinkled with dried bonito flakes, sprinkled with raw soy sauce, spread with 4 kinds of cheese sauce, and topped with seaweed. A new taste of bento, which is made by adding the richness of cheese to the taste of heels and seaweed. The price is 390 yen.

Hotto Motto "Cheese Katsuobushi Bento"

・ Cheese bonito special paste bonito lunch
A collaboration of four types of cheese and bonito: cheddar, gouda, cream, and parmesan. Plenty of fried food with tartar sauce is excellent for eating. The price is 480 yen.

Hotto Motto "Cheese Katsuobushi Special Nori Tal Bento"

・ BIG Nori Bento
A "grilled spa" with fried eggs and sausages, along with the nori bento. Mayonnaise goes well with the grilled spa. The price is 550 yen.

Hotto Motto "BIG Nori Bento"