Hotto More "Noriben Fair

Hotto M

otto Noriben Fair From

October 24 to October 30,

Hotto Motto will hold a campaign called "Noriben Fair" in which four products including the popular "Nori-Bento" will be available at a special price of up to 90 yen off. The campaign will run for seven days from October 24 to October 30.

The prices during the Noriben


are as follows

Nori bento: regular price 390 yen, special price 360 yen
Toku Noritaru bento: regular price 500 yen, special price 440 yen
Zenponose Nori bento: regular price 560 yen, special price 500 yen
BIG Nori bento (Neapolitan): regular price 640 yen, special price 550 yen

Hotto Motto Glue Bento Fair from October 24 to October 30

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