Hotto Motto "Nori-Bento

Hotto Motto Popularity Ranking

LANY conducted an Internet survey jointly with All About, which operates the recommendation site "Ichi-Oshi.

Calculation Method

Created based on the results of a questionnaire survey of target store users (*) as well as the results of an independent tabulation of data on the viewing of articles introducing the product in question.
* Those who have used or purchased Hotto Motto at least once in the past year
* Those who are in their teens or older
・Number of survey respondents: 215
・Survey period: October 29-30, 2022
・Survey method: Internet survey

No. 3 Special

Noritaru bento The third most popular ranking is the "Special Noritaru bento," a nori bento with an extra side dish of fried bean curd. The third place in the popularity ranking was the "Toku Noritaru Bento," a nori bento with fried bean curd added as a side dish. The "Toku Noritaru Bento" is a bento with an added side dish of karaage (deep fried bean curd).

No. 2 Ch

icken Nanban Bento The second-ranked item was the "Chicken Nanban Bento. The deep-fried chicken is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It is topped with a generous amount of tartar sauce with a satisfying texture of boiled egg, onion, and pickles. The sweet-and-sour sauce also goes well with the chicken.

Hotto Motto "Chicken Nanban Bento

No. 1 - Nori-Bento (seaweed powder bent

o) The winner was the "Nori-Bento". In addition to the perfect balance of rice, seaweed, and okaka (bonito flakes), it also has a lot of side dishes. The stability of this product was highly evaluated by word of mouth.

Hotto Motto "Nori-Bento

Products popular among a wide range of generations dominated the top of the list. Four of the top 10 items were related to "nori bento," including No. 3 Special Nori Taru Bento, No. 7 All Nori Bento, and No. 8 BIG Nori Bento (Neapolitan), all of which are gorgeous versions of the No. 1 "nori bento.

On the other hand, standard flavors such as "Fried Meat and Vegetables Bento" and "Cheese and Hamburger Bento" were also popular, making for a diverse ranking.

Hotto Motto Ranking

Side Menu Ranking

Also, "Special Pork Soup" won first place in the side menu ranking, followed by "Plus Karaage (2 pieces)" in second place. The menu items that go well with bento ranked high.

Hotto Motto Side Menu Ranking