New Moss! "Moslice burger shrimp tempura taste" and "moslice burger well-barred tempura taste [shrimp and kakiage]"
New to Mos Burger (Source: Mos Burger)

For a limited time, Mos Burger will have a limited-time menu, "Moss Burger Ebiten Mentai Flavor" and "Moss Burger Good Bari Ten Mentai Flavor [Shrimp and Kakiage]". Available from May 21st to mid-July.

Moss developed "Rice Burger" in 1987 in order to have more domestic rice eaten. Instead of buns (bread), the ingredients are sandwiched between rice plates that are baked and hardened, and as a chain born in Japan, we are proud of the menu that values Japanese food culture.

This time, two new types that combine "shrimp tempura" and "mentai taste", which are familiar in Japan, have appeared. In both cases, the tempura that makes the best use of the original taste and texture of shrimp is fried by hand at the factory so that the batter will bloom, and it has a crispy texture after being dipped in a Japanese-style mentai sauce. Is finished so that remains.

The contents and prices of each are as follows. All notations do not include tax.

Shrimp tempura taste

Mos Burger "Moss Burger Ebiten Mentai Taste"
Moss burger shrimp tempura taste

"Moslice burger shrimp tempura taste" is 454 yen. Two luxurious shrimp tempuras are placed on the green leaf with a mentai flavor sauce, and are sandwiched on a rice plate with Ariake-produced grilled seaweed.

The sauce is Alaska pollack, kelp extract, sake, mirin, soy sauce, and chili pepper. It has a rich taste with less spiciness, with a focus on graininess. The tempura is crispy on the outside and crispy on the inside. Each is drawn to the rich flavor of grilled seaweed.

Good taste

Mos Burger's "Moss Burger Good Bari Ten Mentai Taste [Shrimp and Kakiage]"
Moss burger Good taste of tempura [shrimp and kakiage]

"Moslice burger well-barred heavenly taste [shrimp and kakiage]" is 482 yen. On top of the grilled seaweed from Ariake, a piece of shrimp tempura soaked in seafood kakiage and mentai flavor sauce is placed and sandwiched between rice plates.

Seafood kakiage is made by wrapping squid, shrimp, onions, carrots, and edamame in a thin batter, and you can enjoy the crispy texture and the taste of each ingredient. A hearty menu with a satisfying feeling as if you were eating a bowl of tendon.

Both are handled by Mos Burger nationwide in principle, but some stores are not eligible. In addition, some stores may be closed, business hours may be changed, or some menus may be discontinued, so it is recommended that you check Mos Burger's official website for details. With the release of this new product, the existing "Moslice Burger Shrimp Tempura" will be discontinued.