Lawson Matcha Sweets

At each Lawson store (excluding some stores), three Japanese and Western eclectic sweets using matcha will be released on May 12.

The three products to be released are the matcha flavors of Lawson's popular sweets series such as "Premium Roll Cake". The lineup is as follows. The price includes tax.

Matcha tiramisu roll cake 220 yen

A roll cake that combines Uji matcha cream with moderate bitterness and cream using Hokkaido mascarpone. Uji matcha powder is also kneaded into the sponge dough. In addition, a sauce using sweet Uji matcha espresso is added to add an accent to the taste.
* Not available in Okinawa Prefecture

Dorayaki (Matcha & Whipped Cream) 180 yen

A Japanese-Western eclectic dorayaki that combines whipped cream and matcha cream using Uji matcha. The dough is blended with long potatoes to give it a chewy and crispy finish.

Lawson Matcha Sweets

Mocheese-Mochimochi-zu Matcha Tiramisu-140 yen

Shiratama-ko rice cake with cream cheese and Uji matcha wrapped in mascarpone cream. You can enjoy the rich and flavorful taste of mochi dough and the smooth melting of mascarpone cream.

Mocheese-Mochimochi-zu Matcha Tiramisu-

In addition, the standard product "Dora Mocchi (Anko & Whip)" has been renewed. We reviewed the blending ratio of the bean paste and whipped cream inside to create a more balanced taste. The price is 180 yen.

Dorayaki renewal