Lawson "Omatcha Soft France".

New Breads and Sandwiches to be

released on November 7

, 2023 at LAWSON! This page introduces the new breads and sandwiches to be released on November 7, 2023 at Lawson, including their prices and calories. This time, we will introduce "Omatcha Soft France", "Branpan Walnut & High Cacao Chocolate", "Full of Eggs! Ham and Egg Sandwich" and more.

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Omatcha Soft


Lawson "Omatcha Soft France".

Soft French sandwiched between green tea flavored cream and sweet bean paste. Price: 160 yen. Calories 258 kcal.

Fluffy egg chiffon cake made of domestic wheat flour Chocolate

LAWSON "Japanese Wheat Fluffy Egg Chiffon Cake Chocolate

A hearty, value-priced plain and chocolate chiffon cake made with domestic wheat flour. Price is 160 yen. Calories 334kcal.

NL Bran Bread 2pcs ~with lactic acid bacteria

LAWSON "NL Bran Bread 2pcs ~with Lactobacillus acidophilus

High-protein, high-fiber bran bread. Price: 138 yen. Calories 66 kcal per serving.

NL Bran

Bread 4 pieces ~

with Lactobacillus acidophilus
LAWSON "NL Bran Bread 4pcs ~Including Lactobacillus acidophilus

High-protein, high-fiber bran bread. 4 pieces. Price: ¥268. 66 kcal per piece.

NL Bran bread 4 pieces ~with lactobacillus

LAWSON "NL Bread with Bran 4 slices ~Including Lactobacillus acidophilus

Moist bread with bran. Price: 189 yen. Calories 111kcal per slice.

NL Bran Bread Walnut

& High Cacao Chocolate 2 pieces ~Includes Lactic Ac

id Bacteria
LAWSON "NL Branpan Walnut & High Cacao Chocolate 2pcs ~Including Lactic Acid Bacteria

2 pieces of Branpan Walnut & High Cacao Chocolate with increased protein. Price: ¥171. Calories 90kcal per piece.

NL An-French bread - margarine with fermented butter - 2 pieces

LAWSON "NL An-French Bread - Margarine with Fermented Butter - 2 pieces

High in fiber. 2 pieces of "An-French Pan" (bean paste French bread). Price: 160 yen. Calories 103kcal per piece.

NL Sugar-free moist bread - ham and cheese - 2 pieces

LAWSON "NL Sugar-Free Moist Bread - Ham and Cheese 2pcs"

High dietary fiber. Moist, prepared bread with no sugar content. Contains 2 ham and cheese. Price: ¥127. Calories 72kcal per piece.

Eggs are plentiful! Ham and egg sandwich

LAWSON "Full of Eggs! Ham and Egg Sandwich

A sandwich with a generous egg salad and a ham and egg sandwich with juicy ham. Price: 376 yen. Calories 316 kcal.

Pizza egg sandwich

Lawson "Pizza Tama Sandwich

A sandwich that allows you to enjoy the combination of pizza flavor with onion flavor and egg salad. The price is 289 yen. Calories 249kcal.

Tatsutaage Burger Egg Tartar

LAWSON "Tatsutaage Burger Egg Tartar

A burger to enjoy juicy chicken Tatsuta-age with egg tartar sauce. The price is 430 yen. Calories 365kcal.

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