From "Hokkaido Highball Guarana Flavor" Joint Sake

From the joint sake spirit, the highball "Hokkaido Highball Galana Flavor" with the "Guarana Beverage" flavor that Hokkaido horses love will be released on May 19th. The price is 143 yen (excluding tax) for a 350 ml can. Alcohol content is 4%.

Dosanko's soul drink "Guarana Beverage" is a carbonated drink made by adding sugar and carbon dioxide to the extract of the vitamin-rich nut "Guarana" collected only in a small part of the Amazon River in Brazil. It is generally said to have a taste similar to cola, but it is a very popular local drink in Hokkaido due to the slightly spicy adult taste peculiar to guarana.

"Hokkaido Highball Guarana Flavor" is a highball that reproduces the unique flavor of "Guarana Beverage" by blending guarana extract with vodka of base spirits. By using vodka for the base spirits, the flavor peculiar to guarana is enhanced. Alcohol content 4%, purines zero.

Highball "Hokkaido Highball Guarana Flavor" using the extract of the fruit "Guarana" from the Amazon River basin in South America. Check it out if you like highball!