Orion Beer "Awamori Highball

Awamori Highball" will be released by Orion Beer. It contains 5% alcohol, is available in 350 ml cans, and is open to the public. The release date is July 5.

Awamori Highball

Awamori High Ball" is a luxurious highball that uses only high-value "10-year-old Awamori" as its base alcohol. The Awamori Highball is an RTD product that makes it easy to enjoy Awamori, and is being sold to promote the appeal of Awamori, a symbol of Okinawa's alcoholic beverage culture, to the general public.

Awamori Koshu, aged for a long time, offers a mellow mouthfeel and a rich, sweet flavor. In addition, since there is a demand for a "refreshing" and "refreshing" drink during meals, the product has been designed to be highly carbonated for a refreshing taste. The burst of carbonation enhances the aroma of Awamori and makes the drink refreshing.

Orion Beer "Awamori Highball" looks like a perfect accompaniment to your evening drinks. Why not pick one up when you see it?