Suntory Spirits "Tris Highball Can [Sudachi Lemon]".

Suntory Spirits will release a new product, "Tris Highball Can [Sudachi Lemon]" on August 23, 2011. 350 ml cans will be sold at 160 yen (excluding tax). The alcohol content is 6%.

Tris Highball Can "Sudachi Lemon

The can contains the refreshing flavor of a Tris Highball, with the tartness of sudachi and the clean aftertaste of lemon. The package features a green and yellow background with ginkgo and maple leaves to express the autumnal atmosphere.

The package also depicts Uncle Tris enjoying a highball with a squeeze of lemon to express the hope that people will enjoy their autumn evenings with a can of "Tris Highball Can [Sudachi Lemon]". The product name "Sudachi Lemon" is placed in the center of the can to express the characteristics of its contents.

Tris Highball Can [Sudachi Lemon] is sure to be a refreshing and tasty drink. How about a can of Sudachi Lemon to accompany your evening drinks? Please pick one up when you see it.