Saise "Arostichini ((lamb skewers)"
Arrostichini (grilled lamb skewers)

Sales of "Arrostichini" (grilled lamb skewers) temporarily


Saizeriya's grand menu item, "Arrostichini" (grilled lamb skewers), will be temporarily suspended on November 29 and thereafter, while supplies last at the restaurant.


"Arrostichini (lamb skewers)" is one of the classic appetizers and snacks, with lamb skewers roasted to a savory aroma. It can be enjoyed with the optional "Yakitsuki Spice" (addictive spice). The price is 400 yen for the regular size (tax included, same below) and 800 yen for the W size.

Sales have been suspended in the past due to growing popularity. According to Saizeriya, the popularity has exceeded expectations this time as well, and production has not been able to keep up with demand.

As of November 29, production is being ramped up to maximum capacity, and sales will resume as soon as the supply system is in place.