Kappa Sushi "Kappa's Big Tuna Festival

Kappa Sushi


s Big Tuna Festival" Kappa Sushi will hold "Kappa's Big Tuna Festival" from May 9 to May 22 (except for some stores under renovation). The second product supervised by Tatsunoshin, "Hamburger Steak Nigiri & Japanese Black Beef Curry," will also be available from May 9.

Kappa's Big Tuna Festival

A total of 10 items are available, including Kappa Sushi's most popular item, "Tuna," as well as "Nigiri" made from "Minami Tuna Medium Tuna" and "Minami Tuna Big Tuna," and "Negitoro" wraps and Gunkan made from Minami Tuna only. The menu included 10 items in all.

Kappa Sushi "Kappa's Big Tuna Festival

The price may differ at the Yokohama Nishiguchi Ekineer Store, Dotonbori Ebisubashi Store, and Chiba Ekimae Store.

Ookiri Tuna

: A large piece of tuna with a smooth, sweet taste and mild texture, cut into a large piece, this is a very satisfying nigiri. One piece is 99 yen (tax included, same as below).

Oogiri Marinated Tuna

: The flavor of the tuna is brought out by marinating it, and the aroma and flavor of yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) adds a pleasant combination to the dish. 110 yen per piece.

Premium Negitoro

Wrapped with Ne

gitoro Premium Negitoro is a dish that brings out the sweetness and rich flavor of Minami tuna. Consistent 110 yen. Available only at the restaurant.

Premium Negitoro Wrapped with Premium Negitoro: Premium Negitoro is a premium tuna wrapped in Negitoro that brings out the sweetness and rich flavor of the


tuna. Consistent 297 yen.


fat is lightly sprinkled with salt and seared over an open flame to remove just the right amount of fat and bring out the best flavor. Consistently priced at 297 yen.

Premium Negitoro


(Gunkan with Premium Negitoro): Premium Negitoro


(Gunkan with Premium Negitoro) is a sumptuous combination of the richness and deliciousness of Minami tuna. Two pieces for 297 yen.


(large fatty tuna): A mouth-watering taste of fatty, melt-in-your-mouth tuna. One piece: 374 yen.

Open-flame seared Aomori Minami tuna fatty tuna with salt and wasabi

topping The savory flavor from the open-flame searing combined with the refreshing spiciness of the wasabi topping makes for a delicious combination. Consistency: 374 yen.

TORO SANMARI ~Osaka Minami tuna medium fatty tuna ~Osaka

Minami tuna medium fatty tuna, salmon roe on top of salmon roe, and salt-roasted Osaka Minami tuna medium fatty tuna. San-sukkan: 649 yen. In-restaurant food and beverage only.


Negitoro Gunkan (two pieces): large cut Minami tuna, large cut Minami tuna, medium cut Minami tuna, large cut Minami tuna, premium Negitoro Gunkan (two pieces). Premium Negitoro Gunkan (two pieces). 1,078 yen for five pieces.

The "Hamburger Steak Nigiri

& Black Wagyu Curry," the second product under the supervision of Tatsunoshin,

offers the juicy meat juices of the hamburger steak combined with the taste of cheese and mayonnaise. The "Kuroge Wagyu Curry" is made with carefully selected ground Monzaki-aged beef for the curry sauce, and the Kappa Sushi rice is woven into the curry sauce, which has a concentrated flavor of meat and vegetables.

Kappa Sushi's second product under the supervision of Ganoshin: Hamburger Steak Nigiri & Kuroge Wagyu Beef Curry.

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