Sushiro special hand-wound set

From April 28th, the "Sushiro Special Hand-rolled Set", which is a set of 11 kinds of gorgeous sushi roe and sushi rice, is on sale at Sushiro nationwide. The price is 2,980 yen (excluding tax).

The "Sushiro hand-wound set " released in early April has been well received, and we have decided to release the "Sushiro special hand-wound set" so that you can enjoy hand-rolling at home in a wide variety of ways. We carefully selected Indian tuna and main tuna with good fat, and we have a lot of gorgeous tuna among the popular sushi roe, such as the perfect balance of lean and fat. Perfect for when you want to give a special feeling at home during the Golden Week holidays.

The contents are medium fatty tuna, raw salmon, squid, red shrimp, shrimp, upper anako, scallops, crab meat, salmon roe, Kazunoko Matsumaezuke, tomalley, sardines, and glue. Some stores have different items and prices. * Contents may change depending on the purchase situation.

It is sold only for take-out, and will end as soon as it runs out. Not available at Sushiro Konomi.

In addition, the original "Sushiro-matched soy sauce," which was sold at some stores, is now on sale at stores nationwide (excluding Sushiro Konomi). You can enjoy your favorite sushi at home. A product exclusively for take-out. The price is 298 yen (excluding tax).

Sushiro combined soy sauce

Sales areas for "Sushiro-matched soy sauce" are Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu (excluding Toyama, Fukui, and Ishikawa), and Kinki (Mie only). "Sushiro combined soy sauce (sweet)" is in Chubu (Toyama, Fukui, Ishikawa only), Kinki (excluding Mie), China, Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa.