Sushiro "Sushiro Manual Winding Set"

At each Sushiro store, the take-out limited menu "Sushiro Hand-rolled Set" will be released sequentially from April 1st. Limited time sale. The price is 1,980 yen (excluding tax).

The "Sushiro Hand-rolled Set" is a set of hand-rolled sushi (for 2 to 3 servings) that is packed with 10 popular ingredients. Since it was sold in the past and many people wanted to revive it, it will be sold at the time of recovery.

In addition to tuna (480g (16.93oz)) and seaweed (24 sheets), tuna, salmon, squid, scallops, eel, shrimp, egg, onion tuna, salmon roe, tuna salad, cucumber, and large leaves are packed. A fun set where you can make your own hand-rolled sushi to your liking.

In addition to the "Sushiro hand-wound set", there is also a lineup of sushi sets exclusively for take-out. You can also order "12 kinds of Sushiro set" which is packed with 12 popular ingredients and "12 kinds of special set" which is packed with 12 kinds of carefully selected ingredients from 1 serving.

Sushiro "12 types of Sushiro set" "12 types of special set"
Left: 12 types of Sushiro set, Right: 12 types of special set, all photos are for 3 people

You can order take-out sushi by phone or at the store, as well as from the smartphone app or the Internet.

* Items and prices may differ at some stores. Also, it is not available at Sushiro Konomi.