Big Boy "Cheese in Hamburg Curry"
Curry can be taken out with a big boy!

"To go curry" will be on sale for a limited time from April 3rd at "Big Boy" and "Victoria Station" stores. There are 3 types of lineup.

Including the simple "plain curry" (400 yen, tax not included, the same applies below), the "hand-made hamburger curry" (600 yen) with the proud hamburger steak that was hand-made at the shop on top of the rice, "Cheese in hamburger curry" (700 yen) with hamburger steak wrapped in cheese on top of rice is on sale.

Big boy "plain curry"
Plain curry

Big Boy "Hand-made hamburger curry"
Hand-made hamburger curry

Big Boy "Cheese in Hamburg Curry"
Cheese in hamburger curry

Rice and roux are served free of charge, and a mini-sized campaign salad (Japanese-style flavored onion dressing) is also provided free of charge. If you wish, place an order when ordering.

Big Boy "Campaign Salad"
Mini size campaign salad

In addition, "Western-style salad" and "Japanese-style salad" can be purchased for 150 yen each. Dressing is "sesame dressing" or "Japanese flavored onion".

Big Boy "Western style salad"
Western-style salad

Big Boy "Japanese Salad"
Japanese salad