Marugame Seimen "Udon Summer Festival"

At each Marugame Seimen store, the "Udon Summer Festival" will be held from 17:00 every day for four days from August 20th to 23rd (excluding some stores). If you buy a cup of "bukkake udon (cold)", you will get another free "bukkake udon (cold)" on the spot.

The "Udon Summer Festival" has been held since last summer and has been well received. At the Udon Summer Festival in July of this year (2019), which was held to commemorate "Udon Day," more than 500,000 cups were offered in four days.

The target menu "Bukkake Udon" is a standard product of Marugame Seimen, which is said to have got its name because it was eaten by sprinkling "dashi" when it was troublesome to soak it in soup. The standard way to eat it is to add green onions, ginger, and tenkasu, but it is also recommended to add grated daikon radish, tororo, and tempura toppings (extra charge).

Marugame Seimen "Udon Summer Festival"
Chef's recommended way to eat

The prices are average 290 yen, large 390 yen, and profitable 490 yen (all including tax). If you order one of them, you will get another free cup of bukkake udon (cold) on the spot. You can eat two glasses alone or share them with your friends. Let's survive the residual heat with smooth and smooth udon noodles!