Hanamaru Udon "Chilled Sesame Tantan Udon"
Cold udon noodles with sesame seeds!

The Sanuki udon chain "Hanamaru Udon" will sell a cold udon menu "Cold Sesame Tantan Udon" with sesame seeds. From August 6th, it will be available at all stores (excluding some stores) nationwide.

Udon noodles for summer with green onions and sweet and spicy soboro on sesame sauce soup. By turning the chili oil at the end of cooking, it becomes spicy and rich. Even in the season when it is easy to get sick in the summer or lose your appetite due to the heat, it is a dish that will make you feel smooth and hungry.

Hanamaru Udon "Chilled Sesame Tantan Udon"
Even in the season when you tend to get sick in summer

Sesame, which is also mentioned in the menu name, contains various nutrients such as lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, as well as ingredients such as sesamin. One of the reasons why you can get a lot of this sesame in chilled sesame dandan noodles.

The price is 430 yen for the (small) size (excluding tax, the same applies below), 530 yen for the (medium) size, and 630 yen for the (large) size. We do not handle hot udon noodles, only cold udon noodles. Prices are different at some stores.