FamilyMart "Meiji THE Chocolate Mint Ice Bar"
FamilyMart chocolate mint! This time the ice bar

I tried "Meiji THE Chocolate Mint Ice Bar" which is limited to FamilyMart. It's a classic flavor, but the crunchy chocolate cookie goes great with the tingling mint.

[I tried it] FamilyMart "Meiji THE Chocolate Mint Ice Bar"
The size is quite large

The price is 140 yen (tax included) and the calories are 188 kcal. When you open the package, you will see an ice bar with a blue and black marble pattern that is typical of chocolate mint. When you cut it with a knife, you can see the cross section of blue ice cream with chocolate cookies inside.

FamilyMart "Meiji THE Chocolate Mint Ice Bar"
Full of chocolate

When you bite into it, the moist texture of the mint ice cream, which has already become slightly soft due to the summer climate, and the texture of the crunchy chocolate are in good contrast.

FamilyMart "Meiji THE Chocolate Mint Ice Bar"
There is also a chocolate cookie inside

Speaking of flavors, first of all, the scent of mint is noticeable. The melted ice cream makes your mouth tingle, and it feels refreshing and chilly. I don't really claim the smell of chocolate at first, but as I chew the cookies, I feel bittersweet, sweet, and chewy on my tongue.

It's always refreshing while you're eating, but it's a good idea to buy non-sugar drinks and mineral water as well, as it leaves a thick aftertaste near the end of the meal.