Pizza "Pizza Shrimp Mayo



Ebimayo", "

Ebimayo's Well-Balanced Quarter", and "Ebimayo U

kiwa" have been on sale at PIZZA-LA since May 9. The "Ebimayo no Ippari Quarter" will be on sale at a special price until June 19.


Ebimayo Speaking of summer, "Pizza Ebimayo" is well-known for the phrase "Ebbi, mayo mayo, Ebimayo♪". This year, the product will go on sale at this time of year when we gradually begin to feel the summer season.

Pizza "Pizza Shrimp Mayo

Pizza Shrimp Mayo is loved by people of all ages, from children to adults. Pizza P: 2,480 yen / M: 2,880 yen / L: 4,600 yen (tax included, same prices below).

Shrimp Mayo Well-Balanced Quarter

A new quarter pizza that allows customers to enjoy the popular pizza no matter where they eat it. In addition to "Pizza Shrimp Mayo," customers can enjoy "Teriyaki Chicken," the No. 1 most popular pizza on the regular menu, "Margherita," the No. 2 most popular pizza, and "THE Mixed Pizza," which offers salami. Regular price: M: 2,380 yen / L: 3,800 yen; special price: M: 2,138 yen / L: 3,440 yen.

Pizza "Shrimp Mayo Well-Balanced Quarter".

Shrimp mayo float

: 90cm in diameter. 1,980 yen. Age: 12 and up. The "Shrimp Mayo Ukiwa" must be purchased together with the pizza.

Pizza "Shrimp Mayo Ukiwa

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