Famima "Tropical White Ma Frappe

FAMIMA Tropical Hakuma Frappe FAMIMA CAFE Frappe Series New

"Tropical Hakuma Frappe" in collaboration with "Tropical Hakuma" will be available from the "FAMIMA CAFE" Frappe series made with milk from FamilyMart coffee machines. The release date is September 12. The price is 350 yen per cup (tax included).

The "Nangoku


Frappe" is a condensed milk-flavored frappe made in collaboration with "Nangoku Shiruma," a local ice cream loved by Kagoshima residents as their soul food. The first product to be released was the "Ama" flavor.

The first product was sweetened condensed milk shaved ice topped with three kinds of fruit (pineapple, yellow peach, and mandarin orange), and azuki beans were added to recreate the taste of Kagoshima's famous "Nangoku Hakuma" ice cream. In addition, pureed strawberry sauce is used at the bottom. The strawberry flavor can be enjoyed all the way through.

Famima "Tropical White Ma Frappe

The "fruit" that is synonymous with "Tropical Shiruma" ice cream is reproduced in the frappe using a special manufacturing process. The first FamilyMart frappe to incorporate the manual topping process, the fruit topping can be topped just like "Tropical Shiruma" ice cream, and you can taste the fruit pulp that fills your mouth.

This is the first time that the topping process has been done by hand.