FamilyMart "TABERU Ranch Milk 50% more

FamilyMart "T

ABERU Ranch Milk 50%

more volume"

Original ice cream "TABERU Ranch Milk 50% more volume" will be on sale at FamilyMart stores from September 19 (except in Okinawa Prefecture). The product will be released to commemorate the 100 million-serving mark for the "Taberu Ranch" series.


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FamilyMart "TABERU Ranch Milk 50% more

The "Taberu Ranch Milk" series, made with 56% Hokkaido milk, has been well received for its rich milk ice cream flavor with a refreshing aftertaste, and as of June 2023, the total number of servings sold has surpassed 100 million. In August 2023, the company launched collaborative products and commemorative packages to celebrate the 100 million-serving milks.

Now, as the second phase of the 100 million-serving campaign, "TABERU Ranch Milk 50% more" will be available in limited quantities in a larger size with 50% more content while maintaining the same price.

FamilyMart "TABERU Ranch Milk 50% more

The package is designed with an image of a ranch and blue sky, and features a "cow" being celebrated in various forms. The price is 218 yen (tax included).

Some stores may not carry the product.
Price may differ at some stores.

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