Denny's "Beef steak-using lean meat (about 160g)"

Compared to eating family-less steak, this time I tried "Denny's" steak!

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● Denny's lean rare steak!

Denny's has an extensive steak menu, ranging from easy-to-eat "cut steak" (1,132 yen, tax included, same below) to "sirloin steak" (1,996 yen). In addition, this summer's limited menu "Plenty of Vegetable Lamb Steak" (1,186 yen) is also on sale for 5 meals a day.

This time, I ordered "Beef steak-using lean meat (about 160g (5.64oz))" (1,564 yen)! This steak is made from the rare part "Kainomi" (Australia), which weighs only a few kilograms from a single cow.

Denny's "Beef steak-using lean meat (about 160g)"
Kainomi steak, which is rare in family restaurant

You can choose from four types of sauce: "grated sauce," "Japanese-style garlic soy sauce," "onion sauce," and "black garlic and black onion sauce." This time I chose onion sauce.

Denny's "Beef steak-using lean meat (about 160g)"
Separate plates of potatoes, spinach and sauce

Kainomi's steak that appeared. I thought that the size was a little smaller than other stores, but it was quite thick, and it was a thick slice of meat close to 2 cm!

Denny's "Beef steak-using lean meat (about 160g)"

And the inside is quite rare! The feeling of sizzle is amazing!

Denny's "Beef steak-using lean meat (about 160g)"

When you squeeze a piece of plump and thick meat, it has a soft meat quality and elasticity, and it has a smooth texture that melts! The fragrant and juicy umami juice overflows and does not stop. There is firmly chewy and full of endlessly without gravy enough to sink the teeth.

Denny's "Beef steak-using lean meat (about 160g)"
The meat of the lean protagonist! Taste

It's thick and I chew a lot, but every time I chew it's good, so I can chew it all the time. Meat that does not easily disappear from the mouth. But this is the real thrill of lean lean steak!

The onion sauce with a refreshing acidity and moderate richness is also delicious. It's so delicious that I always have it at home and want to eat it over various things.

Denny's "Beef steak-using lean meat (about 160g)"
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Denny's Kainomi steak, which was not found in other family restaurants, left a strong impression on me and made me want to eat it again. The quality was so high that it reminded me of the steak I ate at a specialty store, and it was a solid and satisfying dish.