Denny's "Colorful Vegetable Hamburger Steak" and "Cold Soupless Tantanmen

Denny's "Colorful Vegetable Hamburger Steak

" and "Cold Shirunashi Tantanmen" will be available at Denny's restaurants for a limited time starting May 23. This time, in response to the popular "I want to eat a little salad with my meal! In response to the "I want a little salad with my meal!" response, special sets with rice and potato salad will be available for each dish. These two dishes will also join the "Lunch Denny Set" for lunch on weekdays and the "Denny's Satisfaction Set" available only on weekday dinner time and weekends.


Vegetable Hamburger Steak

Denny's "Colorful Vegetable Hamburger Steak

The "Colorful Vegetable Hamburger Steak" is a perfect hamburger steak for early summer with a refreshing lime flavor. It is filled with a variety of colorful vegetables, including summer vegetables such as bell peppers, eggplant, and zucchini. The lime marinade sauce has an appetizing taste with the sourness of lime, the flavor of garlic and fish sauce, and the tanginess of black pepper. The addition of lemon vinegar adds a refreshing finish. The plump and juicy hamburger steak is combined with the flavor of bacon to create a light yet flavorful dish.

The "Colorful Vegetable Hamburger Steak with Rice and Potato Salad Set" is priced at 1,390 yen (tax included, same as below).


Shirunashi T

Denny's "Cold Soupless Tantanmen"

The "Cold Shirunashi Tantanmen" is a cold soupless noodle soup with a rich sesame flavor and a tangy hua jiao (Chinese pepper) kick that will become addictive. The key to the flavor is a special aromatic sauce made from a sesame base and several spices and flavorsome vinegars. The meat miso paste combined with raayu (Chinese red chili oil) and huajiaoyu (Chinese red pepper oil) is a spicy and authentic taste sensation. The meat miso is spicy and authentic, and can be served with pak choi (optional garnish). The flavor can also be changed to a more refreshing taste by adding vinegar. The perfect balance of flavor and spiciness makes this dish an addictive must-have.

The "Cold Shirunashi Tantanmen with Mini Rice and Potato Salad Set" with mini rice and potato salad is priced at 1,390 yen.



Denny's "Lunch Denny Set

The "Lunch Deniset" is a special set menu available on weekdays from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. You can choose either a "colorful vegetable hamburger steak" or "cold soup-less tantanmen" as your main dish, and one of seven side dishes. Includes a drink bar and priced at 1,540 yen.


's Satisfaction Set
Denny's "Denny's Satisfaction Set

Denny's Satisfaction Set is a set menu available from 5:00 p.m. to close on weekdays and from 10:30 a.m. to close on weekends and holidays. It includes a main dish, side dish, and drink for a savings of up to 290 yen. Prices start at 1,540 yen, with a choice of two seasonal menu items for 1,840 yen.