Saizeriya "Rib Steak
I want meat!

Are you eating meat? Even with the health boom, the popularity of meat has not waned, and there are areas in Tokyo alone that are known as "steak battlegrounds.

However, ordinary people like myself do not have the time or financial means to eat at a steak restaurant every time. Then why not just eat steak at a casual family restaurant?

Comparison of steaks at family restaurants

So, we have started a comparison of steaks from major family restaurants! In the end, we would like to verify which family restaurant is the most cost-effective. Let's start with Saizeriya!

Saizeriya "Rib Steak

Saizeriya Rib Steak

A simple plate of "Rib Steak" for 999 yen (tax included). It is expensive for a Saizeriya, but considering the price of the steak, it is on the cheap side. The steak is a piece of Australian rib steak with a good balance of fat and lean meat. There is no indication of the number of grams, but I guess it is a little over 150 grams, or maybe not 200 grams.

Saizeriya "Rib Steak

The sauce served is a soy sauce based "garam sauce". Accompaniments were potatoes, corn and green peas.

When the meat is cut, there is still a slight pink color in some parts, but the meat is cooked well throughout.

Saizeriya "Rib Steak

Yes, it is tender! The meat, about 1 cm thick and rather thin, is crispy and juicy, and with each bite, the savory flavor of the meat is juicy! Juwah! The meat is crispy and juicy, and every bite is a burst of flavorful meaty goodness. It's not too greasy, but has just the right amount of elasticity and tastes like lean protein!

And the slightly Japanese soy sauce-based sauce on the side goes great with it! The refreshing sourness enhances the flavor of the meat. Yum...

Saizeriya "Rib Steak

There is a little stringiness to the meat, but I thought it was generally just the right amount of firmness and easy to eat. I think it's a good choice for a quick meal when the mood strikes. (Rice and drinks are extra).

(Rice and drinks are not included.) Next time, we will introduce steaks at "Royal Host". (Rice and drinks are not included.) Next time, we will introduce a steak from "Royal Host", which is expected to taste a little more upscale. Stay tuned for the review!