Kourakuen "Hot and sour soup noodles"
Sour and spicy "hot and sour soup noodles"

Kourakuen Hot and sour soup noodles “super spicy” taste

I have eaten Kourakuen's limited-time menu "Hot and sour soup noodles". This time, we selected the new "super spicy" taste. The sour and spicy soup of hot and sour soup (Sanrattan / Suratan) was well matched with colorful ingredients such as crispy white onions, bamboo shoots, and wood ear mushrooms.

The price is 680 yen (tax included). It will be available until July 29th, but it will end as soon as it is sold out. In addition to the conventional "lightly salty taste", a spicy taste has appeared, so I decided to order that.

Kourakuen "Hot and sour soup noodles"
White-haired green onion

What was brought to the table was a bright red soup filled with a large bowl, and a white-haired green onion that was filled with swelling. When you take the astragalus and scoop up the soup, the crimson oil floating on the surface reflects the light so vividly.

When I sip it, the thickness is not so strong. The spiciness of the tongue, the sourness of the lips, and the umami of the light soup combine to stimulate the taste. It's a perfect balance for the spicy name, but it's not hard to drink.

Kourakuen "Hot and sour soup noodles"
The bright red fat is glaring. It ’s a spicy tongue.

Then, when you tap the noodles, the white-haired green onions and other shredded ingredients are entwined together and enter your mouth. This is crispy and crunchy, and each has its own unique texture and is interesting. In particular, it conveys a good texture so that bamboo shoots and wood ear mushrooms chew.

Kourakuen "Hot and sour soup noodles"
If you squeeze the ingredients with the noodles, the texture will be pleasant.

After flattening the noodles and ingredients, scoop up the remaining soup with a lotus soup, and the spiciness and sourness will become familiar to your mouth, and you will gradually feel the umami. Thanks to that, I continued to drink as it was, and at the end I emptied the bowl.

Even though my tongue got used to it, my body was completely lit and I was drowsy for a while after eating. It is suitable for people who want to get rid of the damp feeling with spicy food.