Cafe de Clie "Cafe de Clie Lucky Bag"

Introducing the 2022 lucky bags together. Check out the lucky bags of Cafe de Clie, Fujiya, Excelsior Cafe, CoCo Ichibanya, and Kourakuen! * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Cafe de Clie

" Cafe de Clie Lucky Bag " and "Maison de Veil Lucky Bag" will be sold as "2022 Lucky Bags" at Cafe de Clie, Cafe de Clie Plus, and Maison de Veil. In addition, "Cafe de Clie Lucky Bag" and "Home Cafe Lucky Bag", which are limited to the official online shop, will also be on sale.

Cafe de Clie "Cafe de Clie Lucky Bag"


The release of " 2022 New Year Lucky Bag " limited to the Western confectionery Fujiya has been announced. Limited quantity. Classic popular sweets such as "Mini Retro Peco-chan Doll (Navy Blue)" and "Premium Cookie Butter Sand" are packed.

Fujiya "2022 New Year lucky bag"

Excelsior Cafe x KINOKUNIYA Collaboration

" 2022 HAPPY BAG collaboration bag & beans set " "2022 HAPPY BAG collaboration bag & drip coffee set" "2022 HAPPY BAG drip coffee set" will be released at Excelsior Cafe in collaboration with the long-established supermarket "KINOKUNIYA" in Aoyama, Tokyo.

Excelsior Cafe "2022 HAPPY BAG Collaboration Bag & Beans Set"

CoCo Ichibanya

" Kokoichi lucky bag " will appear in Curry House CoCo Ichibanya. Four 500 yen "meal assistance tickets" and two lucky bag limited design packages of standard retort pork curry and retort vegetable curry. It is in the original tote bag.

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya "Kokoichi Lucky Bag"


Kourakuen will pre-order the 2022 "Kourakuen Lucky Bag ". A lucky bag filled with original tote bags, meal tickets, and original seasonings. This year, in addition to the usual lucky bags, "gift lucky bags" will also appear on the online shopping site.

Kourakuen "Kourakuen lucky bag"

* Depending on the store, it may not be available or may be discontinued. Please contact your nearest store for details.