Lucky bag "Iwashita New Ginger Lucky Bag 2022"

Introducing the 2022 lucky bags together. Check out the gourmet lucky bags of Choya Umeshu, Kourakuen, Nakau, and Iwashita New Ginger. * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Choya Umeshu

" Drunk Lucky Bag 2022" Butterfly Set " " will be on sale at Choya Umeshu's mail-order sales "Choyaan". A non-alcoholic set containing "ripe plum syrup," "honey plum syrup," "plum jelly," "plum squeeze," and "specially selected butterflies ginseng liquid."

Choya Umeshu "Drunk Lucky Bag 2022" Butterfly Set ""


At Kourakuen, new menus "Red and White Mochi Ramen" and "Red and White Dumplings" will be available for a limited time. In addition, two types of "Kourakuen lucky bags", "normal lucky bags" and "gift lucky bags" will be sold in limited quantities.

Kourakuen "Kourakuen lucky bag"


" Fukubukuro " will be on sale at Nakau. Great value including "Rice Resin Biomass Soft Spoon 3 Pieces Set" which is environmentally friendly and sticks to the material, and "1,500 Yen Coupon" which can be used for all main products.

Nakau's "lucky bag"

Iwashita New Ginger

" Iwashita New Ginger Lucky Bag 2022 " will appear at the Iwashita New Ginger Museum in Tochigi. "Iwashita New Ginger 80g (2.82oz)" "Iwashita Premium New Ginger" "Iwashita Premium Sprout Ginger" "Addictive Iwashita New Ginger" "Iwashita New Ginger Like Dried Fruit" "Iwashita New Ginger Drops (Gumi)" "Iwashita New Ginger" "New ginger throat candy" "Iwashita new ginger fried powder 200%" "Iwashita new ginger sour taste squid heaven" "Iwashita new ginger rice element" "Iwashita pickled element [bag with chuck]" "Iwashi "Camart Seal" will be prepared. It is also available at the official online shop.

Lucky bag "Iwashita New Ginger Lucky Bag 2022"