Kourakuen "Easy Passing Soba"

Kourakuen will sell "Light Passing Soba" for a limited time. The sale period is from January 13th to February 9th. The price is 580 yen (tax included). Not sold at food court stores.

Easy passing soba

"Easy Passing Soba" is a product with a wish to pass the exam to support the students who are trying their best, and will be on sale for the third consecutive year this year. In the world of sumo, it is customary to eat chicken chanko nabe in a "genkatsu" to achieve "do not stick" without losing the game. As a result of this trial, the soup was made with domestic "chicken" as the main ingredient in order to pass the test to "tori", and finished with a light soy sauce flavor.

The toppings are full of test-bearing ingredients such as "chicken cutlet" that wins the game, "thick roasted egg" that has passed the mark, "narutomaki" that invites good luck, and "nori" that rides on seaweed. Both students and those who do not take the exam can enjoy a drink full of light taste.

Kourakuen's "Easy Passing Soba" that seems to be good for carrying out trials. Enjoy a warm cup.