Chateraise chocolate mint ice cream
It's the season when chocolate mint is delicious (all images are from the official website)

Five types of "chocolate mint" ice cream are being sold at each Chateraise store. Below is a summary of the lineup you are interested in!

● THE ICE CREAM SHOP Cone Double Chocolat Mentha

Chateraise "THE ICE CREAM SHOP Cone Double Chocolat Mint"

A refreshing mint ice cream and chocolate ice cream with a cacao feel mixed with a bitter chocolate sauce. Home-baked sugar corn is combined. The price is 120 yen per piece (excluding tax, the same applies below).

● Cocoa scented cookie sandwich ice cream chocolate mint

Chateraise "Cocoa Fragrant Cookie Sandwich Ice Chocolate Mint"

Summer cookie sandwich ice cream with bitter cocoa and refreshing mint. A crisp, smooth black cocoa cookie sandwiched with milky and refreshing mint ice cream. Mint ice cream is mixed with chocolate grains to enjoy the contrast of texture and taste. The price is 120 yen per piece.

● Dessert chocolate ball chocolate mint

Chateraise "Desert Chocolate Ball Chocolate Mint"

A bite-sized mint ice cream wrapped in sweet chocolate with black cookies. The combination of refreshing mint ice cream, sweet chocolate that melts in your mouth, and fragrant black cookies is addictive. 20 pieces, the price is 340 yen.

● Chocolate Bucky Dry Mintha

Chateraise "Chocolate Bucky Dry Mint"

Sweet chocolate with a crispy texture is mixed in mint ice cream using French mint spirit so that it folds over. The refreshing feeling of strong mint seems to go well with chocolate. You can enjoy the texture that changes every time you eat, which is "crisp, crisp, crispy, and crunchy." The price is 70 yen per bottle.

● Chocolate mint bar

Chateraise "Chocolate Mint Bar"

A refreshing mint ice cream mixed with chocolate that is crispy no matter where you eat it. The taste of mint has been improved even more deliciously, and the chocolate chips are larger and larger than before. For a tailoring that makes the texture of chocolate more enjoyable. The price is 70 yen per bottle.