Chateraise "Otona no choco bakkie dark green tea

Chateraise "Otona no Choco Bucky Dark Green Tea"

From April 20 (Thu), "Otona no Choco Bucky Dark Green Tea" will be available for a limited time from Chateraise's "Choco Bucky Series". The price is 86 yen per piece and 432 yen for a six-pack (tax included).

Otona no Choco Bucky Dark Green


It has been five years since Choco Bucky was created in March 2018. It has been loved by many people as a fun ice cream and the series has sold over 300 million units.

The new 10th flavor was selected from the "Choco Bucky flavor you would like to try in the future" survey conducted in last year's campaign to commemorate the 200 million unit milestone. The new flavor is a product that maximizes the aroma and taste and pursues the deliciousness of matcha green tea.

The ice cream bar is made with rich matcha ice cream and melt-in-your-mouth sweet chocolate, and is blended with three types of Uji matcha to create a deep taste with a balance of bitterness, astringency, and umami. You can enjoy the harmony of the rich matcha and the crunchy texture of the chocolate.

History of Choco

Bucky March 2018 Birth of Choco Bucky Vanilla & Chocolate Launched
May 2018 Choco Bucky Ripe Banana Launched
May 2018 Choco Bucky Expands Overseas Launched in Singapore
May 2018 Choco Bucky Dry Mint Launched
September 2018 Choco Bucky Italian Marron Launched
January 2019 Choco Bucky Sky Berry Launched
October 2019 Adult Choco Bucky Afoguard Launched
March 2020 Adult Choco Bucky Burnt Butter Caramel Launched
April 2022 Adult Choco Bucky Tiramisu Launched
March 2023 Series reached 300 million units
April 2023 Otona no Choco Bucky Dark Green Tea Sale