Chateraise "Purte Nutty & Caramel with Candied Almonds".
(Image taken from the official website)

Chateraise new ice cream products for September

Here is a summary of new ice cream products from Chateraise to be released in September. The new items are "3 Kinds of Cream Cheese Soft from France", "Wagashi Ice Cream Milk Manjuu with Italian Roasted Chestnuts", and "Puruté Nattie & Caramel with CANDING Almonds".

The rich cream cheese


serve is made with French cream cheese, which has a fresh milkiness and a refreshing acidity, and served in a rich, home-made sugar cone baked with a savory aroma. Three different flavors of French cream cheese are combined to bring out the flavor and richness of cream cheese. Priced at 151 yen per piece and 561 yen for a package of four (tax included, same below). The product will go on sale on September 21.

Chateraise "Three kinds of cream cheese soft from France

Wagashi Ice Cream Milk Manjuu, Italian Roasted

Chestnut This roasted chestnut ice cream is made from roasted Italian chestnuts and has a deliciously aromatic flavor. It is wrapped in a sweet, soft, rum-flavored bean paste made from home-cooked Hokkaido azuki beans with a hint of rum. The unique aroma of roasted chestnuts and the texture and sweetness of the soft bean paste create an exquisite taste. Priced at 118 yen per piece and 324 yen for a pack of three. The release date is September 8.

Shateraise "Japanese Sweets Ice Cream Milk Manjuu with Italian Roasted Chestnuts".

Purte Nutty & Caramel with CANDING Almonds

Flavorful caramel ice cream made with fresh Hokkaido cream and almond paste is coated with caramel-like chocolate mixed with cANDING almonds, which accentuate the crispy texture. The rich, nutty flavor of the caramelized chocolate melts together the moment it enters the mouth, creating a slightly luxurious ice cream for adults. The price is 85 yen per piece, or 324 yen for a package of four.

Chateraise "Purte Nutty & Caramel with Candied Almonds".