Chateraise "Fukuoka Amaou Strawberry Soft

Chateraise new ice cream summary

Check out the new ice cream sold by Chateraise. Fukuoka Amao Strawberry Soft", "Otona no Choco Bucky Burnt Butter Caramel", "Choco Bucky Sky Berry", "Dessert Monaka Gato Fraise", "Dessert Chocolat Ball Red Hoppe Seed Strawberry", "Marukajiri Bar Hokkaido Fermented Butter", "Japanese sweets ice cream Taiyaki-zaka Hokkaido Fermented Butter Shippo to An".

Fukuoka Prefecture Amaou Strawberry Soft

: Rich, juicy, mellow strawberry ice cream made with Amaou strawberry puree from Fukuoka Prefecture, served in a rich, home-made sugar cone baked to a fragrant aroma. This luxurious soft ice cream is a refined taste of the flavor and richness of Amaou strawberries. Priced at 151 yen per piece, or 561 yen for a pack of four (tax included, same below).

Chateraise "Fukuoka Amaou Strawberry Soft

Adult Choco Buckeyes: Burnt Butter Caramel

Choco Buckeyes for adults have the same texture and rich taste of Choco Buckeyes. The rich caramel ice cream is made with two types of caramels, burnt butter caramel and roasted caramel, and has a sweet and savory taste with a bitter aftertaste, and the crispy texture of melt-in-your-mouth sweet chocolate is folded in. Priced at 86 yen per piece, or 432 yen for a six-pack.

Chateraise "Otona no Choco Bucky Burnt Butter Caramel

Choco Buckeyes Sky Berry

: Sky berry ice cream with sweetness and well-balanced sourness is filled with crispy sweet chocolate folded over the ice cream. The milky sweet and sour strawberry ice cream is the perfect combination with the chocolate. Priced at 75 yen per piece, or 367 yen for a six-pack.

Chateraise "Choco Bucky Sky Berry

DESSERT Monaka Gâteau Fraise

: Monaka ice cream with an image of elegant and delicate strawberry shortcake. The multi-layered design gives this luxurious Monaka ice cream an unprecedented texture and taste for adults. The strawberry chocolate with freeze-dried strawberries is layered with sponge cake-like custard ice cream with cookie crunch and fresh cream-like ice cream, topped with sweet and sour strawberry sauce, and sandwiched between bright red monaka bars. Priced at 151 yen per piece and 561 yen for a set of four.

Chateraise "DESSERT Monaka Gato Fraise

Dessert Chocolat Ball Red Hoppe Strawberry

The strawberry ice cream is made with Red Hoppe strawberries, which are characterized by their sweet and sour taste and deep flavor, and coated with freeze-dried strawberry chocolate that melts in your mouth. The price is 367 yen.

Shateraise "Dessert Chocolat Ball Red Hoppe Seed Strawberry".

Marukajiri Bar Hokkaido Fermented Butter

is a flavorful ice cream bar made with fermented butter produced in Hokkaido. It is a rich and satisfying fermented butter ice cream with the distinctive flavor and richness of fermented butter. Priced at 86 yen per bar, or 367 yen for a pack of 5 bars.

Shateraise "Marukajiri Bar Hokkaido Fermented Butter

Wagashi Ice Cream Taiyaki-Monaka: Hokkaido Fermented Butter Shippo-tempo-An (An to

pping) Flavorful butter ice cream made with Hokkaido fermented butter and soft homemade red bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki beans cooked in famous Hakushu water, wrapped in a savory, melt-in-your-mouth taiyaki monaka. The delicious melding of the carefully selected Hokkaido azuki bean paste and butter ice cream with the rich flavor and richness unique to fermented butter can be enjoyed from head to toe. The price is 108 yen, or 399 yen for a package of four.

Shateraise "Wagashi Ice Cream Taiyaki-zaka - Hokkaido Fermented Butter - Shippo-tomo-an