Sukiya's "Clam Soup"
A handy menu that can be ordered separately

"Asari soup" is on sale at Sukiya. You can use it as a set with a bowl, order it as a single item, or when you are hungry after drinking alcohol. I ate it right away.

Sukiya's clam soup is 190 yen (tax included) if it is a single item. If you ask only for this, the shop staff may make you look awkward for a moment, but the order will pass properly.

Sukiya "Clam soup"
The vessel is quite large

Appears in a large bowl. There were a lot of shells with thick meat, and when I counted them, there were 11 shells.

Sukiya "Clam soup"
There were 11 clams in this bowl

If you take the shellfish one by one from the shell and sip the juice while eating, the scent of clams is very strong. The flavor is also rich, and not only shellfish but also the dashi stock of seaweed that comes in with it appears. The saltiness is a little tight when it is a single item, but it doesn't bother me if I drink Ohiya together.

Sukiya "Clam soup"
You can eat a lot

When I finish drinking a drink, I feel very hungry. Even if it gets hot and you lose your appetite, it will be a great menu.

When I drink shellfish miso soup at home, I always worry about the fact that even if I should have done a good job of sanding, a small amount of jerky grains will always remain there, but especially with Sukiya's clam soup. That wasn't the case.