Sukiya "Shijimi Juice Fair"
Gyudon Shijimi Juice Oshinko Set (All images are from the official website)

The "Shijimi Soup Fair" has been held since February 13th at each Sukiya store. Limited to a set with beef bowl, you can get a great deal on freshwater clam soup.

"Gyudon clam soup shinko set" is a set menu with gyudon clam soup and shinko. The regular price is 580 yen, but it is offered at a discount of 30 yen for 550 yen (price includes tax, the same applies below).

"Gyudon clam soup egg set" is a set menu with gyudon clam soup and raw eggs. The regular price of 560 yen is discounted by 10 yen to 550 yen.

The freshwater clam soup is also available as a single item.

Also, from the same day, a new menu "Strawberry Ice" is on sale. A dish that combines sweet and sour crushed strawberry pulp with mellow strawberry ice cream. The price is 120 yen.

Sukiya's new menu "Strawberry Ice"
Strawberry ice cream

In addition, a new dessert "Melting Kuchidoke Annin Tofu" will be on sale at 9 o'clock on February 20th.