Reimbursement bag charge / free continuation summary
Matsuya and others continue to provide free shopping bags using biomass plastic

In principle, plastic shopping bags delivered at stores will be charged from July, but some fast food chains will continue to use eco-friendly biomass plastic for free. There are also places where paper bags are used. The correspondence of each chain is summarized as follows.

Continue to use free shopping bags

・ Excelsior Cafe ・ Ootoya ・ Katsuya ・ Kentucky Fried Chicken ・ Sukiya ・ Starbucks (paper bag)
・ Taco Bell ・ Tully's ・ Legendary Sutadonya ・ Tendon Tenya ・ Doutor ・ Dom Dom Hamburger ・ Nakau ・ Hanamaru Udon ・ First Kitchen ・ Burger King ・ McDonald's ・ Matsunoya ・ Matsuya ・ Marugame Seimen ・ Mos Burger (paper bag)
・ Yayoiken ・ Yoshinoya ・ Ringer Hut ・ Lotteria

Charge for shopping bags

・ Krispy Kreme Donuts (Original reusable bag will be on sale from August)
・ Becker's Freshness Burger Mister Donut (Paper box is free from April)
・ Subway